Fabric Protection ACT

Paint Protection

is a guaranteed protection for your paintwork which protects and adds value to your car.

Protects against stains and paint damage caused by:

bird /bat droppings.

tree sap and industrial fallout.

fading, discolouration and loss of gloss.

paint oxidation.

Eliminates the need for waxing and polishing.

Adds a glass-like finish to the paintwork.

Enhances resale value.

Lifetime warranty.



Upholstery Protection

gives you an invisible barrier on your carpets and seats protecting them from spills and mishaps,

Protects against stains on fabric, vinyl and leather
surfaces caused by food and drinks.

Prevents fading of all interior surfaces caused by the sun.

Prevents the cracking and peeling of vinyl / leather



Enhances resale value.

Once only application.

Lifetime warranty.



Electronic Rust Prevention

gives you an invisible barrier around you car against rust

Protects all of the areas of your vehicle against rust

Prevents against surface rust, from minor scratches and
stone chips.

Enhances resale value.

Lifetime warranty.





VIP Car Care total car protection is the QUICKEST & MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to give you the CUSTOMER PEACE OF MIND for your car.


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