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Can we remove swirl marks from the paintwork?


Swirls are caused by improper polishing, buffing or washing leaving thousands of scratches which reflect light leaving a very unattractive look. In 92% of cars, swirls will polish out. To remove swirls we use polishes designed specifically for this purpose.

Do we clean roof linings in our details?


We try our best by wiping over the roof lining but we are unable to do a deep clean as it could damage the underlay of the roof lining. If this happens the glue separates the lining from the underlay causing it to sag

Can you fix the scratches the scourer has made?


Scratches made by using dishwashing scourers to clean your car may cut into the paintwork, making them nearly impossible to remove. The area would need to be re-sprayed by a qualified spray painter.

Is it possible to remove all scratches?

It can be difficult to remove scratches if they have gone through the paint. But, if they are surface scratches then 92% of the time they will come out.

Can bird and bat poo be polished it out?


Bat and bird poo is very corrosive so you should wash it off as soon as possible. If left for any length of time, it will mark the paint and cannot be polished, cut back or removed.

Can you use a clay bar?


A clay bar is a product used to remove ingrained dirt or overspray from your car’s paint. It can also be used to remove concrete. It’s simply quite amazing, lifting stubborn dirt off the paint without causing any damage. After using a clay bar, we always hand polish the paint to ensure it is left in its best condition.

If I have the paint can you touch up the scratches on my car?

Sorry, that’s best left to a qualified spray painter at your local Auto Smash Repair Shop.

Can you remove the smell of cigarette smoke from my car?

8 times out of 10 yes,

Cigarette smoke smells will come out if the car’s upholstery is shampooed correctly including seats and carpets or leather. Trims such as doors and dashboard also need to be cleaned correctly to ensure all smoke residue is removed. BUT, there is no guarantee.

Can you remove the smell of damp from my car?

Rainwater or flooding in your car can be very unpleasant. When your car is shampooed fresh water is used plus products designed to clean and refresh the interior, leaving the carpets and upholstery to dry easily and without odour. BUT, there is no guarantee.

Can you remove the smell of stale milk and dairy products that has spilt in my car?

Protein in the milk getting heated up in the car causes the unpleasant smell. This can’t be removed by simply wiping or even washing with detergent. Often the milk will have spread wider than you think, so when you clean the area where the spill occurred you will find the smell remains. We would suggest that speed is of the essence and have your car shampooed as soon as you can. Otherwise, you’ll be left with the smell for longer and still have to get it cleaned.

Can you help if my car has suffered from an unfortunate accident such as vomit/poo/wee in my car?

Yes, we can!! Don’t be embarrassed, contact us. Shampoo of the interior will remove and eliminate unpleasant spills and odours.


VIP Car Care

Will not take any responsibility for the following items

Stone Guards, Weather shields. light/numbers plates protectors

Chips/scratches when removing signs, stickers, sap or overspray.

Due to outside elements e.g. Sun and Weather making plastics & stickers brittle & every day wear & tear.

 This is out of our control.

Electrical under the bonnets, dash lights, airbags, Cd players ETC


No claims After 7 days

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